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Last Year's Test

Essentials (Solutions)

Extension (Solutions)

Congruent Figures

Transformations Booklet Solutions

Similar Triangles

Top Half (Tues, Wed, Fri)

Homework due Friday, 17 Nov:

Work 20-30 minutes from booklet or try this!

Dilation Warm-up

Homework due Friday, 10 Nov:

1) Finish Rotation and Enlargement handouts, if you haven't already.
2) Transformations Task below (by hand). Feel free to use GSP to check your working afterwards.

Dilation Investigation

Superhero Dilations

Due Tuesday (03 Nov):
1) Complete 'Mirror, Mirror'. In addition, you must attempt to demonstrate your understanding algebraically. You should write expressions for the distance traveled horizontally when reflecting in first the left line, then right. Then do the same for a reflection in first the right line, then left.

2) Also, if you haven't already done so, make sure you complete the GSP Task from last week.

Optional: Feel free to start on some of the Khan Academy recommendations.

Rotational Symmetry Explanation

Bottom Half (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

Due Thursday (09 Nov):
1) Complete handouts from Tuesday's class. Rotational Symmetry Explanation

2) Complete both GSP Task and Mirror, Mirror Investigation.

Optional: Feel free to start on some of the Khan Academy recommendations.

Mirror, Mirror

Here is a link to Transformation Khan Academy recommendations


7MTR 2016 Sequences

Grade 6


Grade 7

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Grade 8

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