G.I. Jobe - Prepare to be Jobe'd


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Student Roles & Responsibilities
  • Navigator: Brian
  • Naturalist: Seiyeon
  • Cooks: Chloe, Anna
  • Environmentalist: Jae Choi
  • Kitchen Help: Teru, Jae Son
  • Medic: GEO
  • Historian/Culturalist: Ani
  • Videographer: Serri, David
  • Narrator: Hanqing (working with Serri), Kai (working with David)
  • Team Leader: Brandon Park
  • Translator: Doohwan, Ben

Experiential Ed Trip Student Roles & Responsibilities
  • Navigator: The person in the group that will determine the route to be taken by the group while hiking. They will be in charge of carrying and interpreting the map and making any decisions about which trail to take when the group gets to a fork in the trail. If multiple groups are hiking together the Navigators from each group can work collaboratively to make a decision. In conjunction with the team leader the navigator can help facilitate the movement of students whenever it's appropriate on the trip.
  • Naturalist: The Naturalist is responsible for learning about the flora and fauna in the area and teaching the other students about things that they discover out on the trail. They can start their research before the trip and will have access to resources while on the trip to help with the identification of plants and animals. They will work with the Park Rangers and utilize the research they have done to become the expert on the natural heritage of South Korea. Students should be prepared to communicate three facts a day to their group about the natural world.
  • Cooks: The cooks will be responsible for preparing food for all meals provided by KIS. All groups will have at least two lunches to prepare along with snacks in the evening. The cooks will help distribute food to the other students and will help serve all meals during the trip.
  • Environmentalist: Will be responsible for making sure the group will leave every location cleaner than they found it. The will help coordinate micro trash clean-ups after every meal and help conduct room checks before we leave our accommodations to ensure lights are turned off. They will lead groups doing service projects and ensure that the trash and recyclables produced by the group are discarded appropriately.
  • Kitchen Help: Will be responsible for clean-up after every meal. The will clean all equipment used to prepare and serve meals. They will do final sweeps of restaurants to make sure tables are cleared and trash is thrown away properly.
  • Medic: Should have training in First Aid and CPR. They will carry the groups First Aid kit and will be responsible reminding the group to be safe while hiking or working on team building activities or service projects. If the group needs protective equipment (i.e. gloves for the service project) they will make sure everyone is wearing the appropriate gear. They will also need to remind the group to apply and reapply sunscreen, bring hats for outside activities and to stay hydrated.
  • Historian/Culturalist: Will be responsible for learning about the areas history and culture along with sharing the information with the group. They can conduct research before the trip and utilize resources while on the trip to become the resident expert on the areas history. They will be given opportunities during the trip to educate the other members of the group about the unique aspects of the area they are visiting. Students should be prepared to communicate three facts a day to their group about the culture/history of the area.
  • Videographer: Will be responsible for documenting the events of the trip. They will work with everyone in their group to ensure they capture the activities and the lessons that everyone participates in during the trip. They will be provided with an iPad to take pictures and short videos.
  • Narrator: Will work with the Videographer to be the voice of the documentary. They will conduct interviews and help explain the activities that are taking place.
  • Team Leader: Will be responsible for making sure the group understand the daily activities and will be required to take role before a group departs on a new adventure. They will need to check in with all members of the group to make sure jobs/tasks are completed and that everyone is prepared to participate in the activities. They will be the liaison between the group and the adult chaperone assigned to each group.
  • Translator: Will work with the Team Leaderand adult chaperone to communicate with the Park Rangers and other individuals we interact with while on the trip. They will translate signs and talks to ensure that everyone understand the information that is being presented.

Missing forms: Kai, Ben, David, Teru, Chloe
Missing bags: Brian, Jae Son, Chloe

What to pack and how to pack it (general and site specific)
Gear List:
Small Backpack

1-2 reusable water bottles: Anna, Hanqing, Jae Choi, Doohwan, Serri

Hat (Sun or ball cap style): Seiyeon, Kai

Sun Glasses (recommended but not required)

Sunscreen: Kai, Jae Choi, Hanqing, Anna

Bug repellent: Doohwan, Kai, Jae Choi, Seiyeon, Hanqing, Anna

Running/Walking Shoe or Hiking Boots (shoes will get wet and muddy)

Clothes (Synthetic materials are better suited for outdoor activities)
Rain Jacket: Seiyeon, Ani

Pants, Warm Layer, Warm Hat and Gloves

Top Layers: T-shirt (2), Long-sleeve Shirt (2)

Bottom Layer: Shorts (2), Pants (2),

Under Layers: Long Underwear (1), underwear (2-3), socks (2-3)